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The Dream

Once upon a time... in my boring bedroom, I saw something ... oh wait, I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Milo. I am a boy with brown hair, green eyes. peach skin. Now back to the story. I saw something very unusual, it was a box that said “open me and be my prisoner”. But I bet it was a prank from my older brother Meko. My brother Meko has brown hair, green eyes, and the same peach skin. I called Meko from my room, and when he came I yelled “what kind of prank is this!? Sneaking into my room, and putting that box on my bed!?”
Meko said, or should I say yelled, “TO BAD SUCKER, NEXT TIME THE BOX WILL BE REAL!!!!”
“Yeah right,” I muttered.
The next day I met a girl. Her name was Anna. We spent the whole day together, (because it was a Saturday). When I came home I saw the box again, and I thought, “well this box is different, but probably fake”. This time it looked like dark matter. Then I saw Meko's head popped out of the box. I said “WHAT THE HECK?!” Then Meko yelped “I tried save the dog but I got sucked in where it looks like dark matter!”
I called Anna saying “I need help it’s urgent, please come quickly”! Anna said “I will” with an urgent tone. In under 15 minutes, Anna arrived. “How did you get here so quickly?” I asked. “Caaar, Hello” said Anna. “Oh,” I Said. “What is that!” shrieked Anna, noticing the box. “That, Anna is what I called you about.” Just then, a beautiful girl my age appeared all tied up with long flowing and glowing black hair, hazel eyes, and it seemed like snow-white glowing skin. Then, Anna came up behind me and shot me with a 10-minute tranquilizer – everything went black.
I awoke in an abandoned hotel, all tied up with a bandanna around my mouth. The girl was the same, but without the bandanna. She said her name was Makenzie, in a whispered tone.
Then, I woke up from my dream and thought, “who is Mackenzie? Is she even from this realm?” I saw the box, but it looked like Makenzie was being sucked in! But then the illusion faded.
“Mom, Dad, are you here?”
“Yes, honey,” said my parents.
Why is my closet open and my soccer ball missing? There was only one name to describe it – Meko. But in my head I repeated my main question, “who is Makenzie?”

To be continued.