Jason's Writing

The Legend Of The Time Traveling Tokyo Dragon And Bob

By Jason


There was once an old wise man named Chin-Su Chu Iowata-Nata, but he just likes his friends to call him Bob.(If he had any friends). He only has a pet puppy named Win-Su Poo Kiawata-Pata. His name in English is Chocolate, but Bob calls him Cocoa because he is brown. But little did Bob know the legend of the Time Traveling Tokyo Dragon would come true and he could be the only one to stop it from destroying Tokyo forever!

Chapter 1: A Flash Of Light

One day Bob was sitting on MT. Fugi when a glowing light, as blinding as the sun, made him jump and fall down, down, down off the mountain and crash onto the ground. BOOM! The sound was heard all throughout Tokyo.

Chapter 2: Chosen

There he was, just lying on the ground, Dead? No couldn't be."You", said a voice, "stand up!" Bob put his arm up as if asking for support, but a hand of whoever or whatever was screaming at him just simply slapped Bob's hand back down to the floor. Then Bob gained consciousness and stood up, but his eyes were still blurry. Bob wondered, what is talking to me. A human? An animal? A monster? A warrior. It had to be. With that armor and those weapons h- wait where am I. Bob noticed where he was was not Tokyo. Or was it? "Sir," Bob asked, "are we still in Tokyo?" "Yes, yes we are." Said the warrior. "What year is this?" Bob asked. "1976." The warrior replied. "I was alive at this time." Bob continued. "I don't remember it like this." In fact Bob did not recognize Tokyo at all. It looked more like a giant dumpster. Like Rocky Road Ice Cream outside on a rainy, rainy day. " You shouldn't." Said the warrior. "Someone used that time traveling statue to alter and destroy the past." Wow the legend of the Time Traveling Tokyo Dragon was true. How cool! Bob thought. "And if the prophecy is correct, you are the only one to stop this 'theif.'"

Chapter 3: Gorgon

"By the way, I am Gorgon Perginski. What's your name" Gorgon asked. "I...I am Chin-Su-Chu Iowata-Nata. But please, call me Bob, please. Even I can't remember my name sometimes."