Puzzle Piece

When you Have a friend they will always be your friend even when you want nothing to do with them!

could hear the wind whistle outside of my bay window. As I was watching TV I heard a snap, then my TV fizzed out. "Hey are you kidding me?" I pressed the on button 10 times. “Don't do that!" my dad called from the kitchen. “If you break it you pay for it, we can't afford anything these days.”
I looked outside my bay window I saw a big branch stuck outside on the wire, I sighed “I guess I’ll have to do it.” I said. “Have to do what?” my mom asked “I have to take the broken branch off the wire.” I said. Then I heard my baby sister Maya cry from the other room. “Ahhh!” My 9 year old brother screamed from the room that she was in. I ran into the room WHAT DID YOU DO!? I screamed, “Nothing, I was here playing my P.S.P. and she crawled out of her crib”,” let me deal with it Sierra.” my mom said, “ok” I said.
I hated my name Sierra Woodmantin it was so long, but the way my dad said it, it put a smile on my face, because he never used it to ground me really. I then walked outside and put on rubber gloves, took the ladder and laid it against the new wet black and white siding. We just moved here I thought, what a wet summer. I quickly changed my thought, I climb up the slippery ladder and took the broken branch from the wire and threw it down.
I saw the T.V. turn on again, it was searching for a signal on the screen. Then the show was back on. By the time I had put away the ladder away and threw the gloves down, the show was over. “That was no use!” I said “yes it was” my dad called from the kitchen I dropped my head then I spotted the clock it read 7:00pm,”7:00 pm already” I complained. “Yes why” my mom asked “I have to go to bed". "No dinner?” mom asked. “No thanks, well ok.”
That next day I sat in my room thinking so many different things. All these different thoughts circled in my head. Then I hit something...hard...’LOVE’ it read in my mind. Will I ever love someone? Will I find him in my new school or...I stopped...’LOVE’ I said as I reached for the FIOS remote. I looked out my window no wind...no rain. I then hit the on button on the remote the black SAMSUNG, it turned on, oh how I love my Samsung. I sang then my voice suddenly faded and a thought rolled into my head. I searched for MAD TV….. SEARCHING.... it read on the screen. For the rest of the day I thought about ‘love’ and watched TV. I asked myself, "Why is this in my head? ‘This is so confusing’. My spine chilled as I looked at the clock, 8:52pm, I thought ‘oh shoot’ I hid my head under the covers and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up & I was terribly hungry. I noticed it was warm and...6:32 am! I jumped out of bed got dressed and ran out of the bed room. Then I remembered that I was going to a new school, so I slowed down in the hallway of my house. When I got to the kitchen which seemed like a long time, my mom was making breakfast and said “what’s up sleepy head?”. I said, “ummmmm.... nothing” and she said “oh ok well then have a seat”. I took my seat as she gave me my breakfast, “mmmmm cereal” I said, she said “take your brother to school”. I then said WHAT! come on, oh alright. Then me and my mom where both silent then we herd DIE! DIE! We both looked up from what we were doing. "Sorry!", my brother said from the living room “I'm playing my PSP”.

After I was done, me and my brother jumped on my bike and I dropped him off. Then I went to my school I parked my bike in the bike rack then, I went through the big doors.
The school looked different than my old school. The floors had brown tiles the lockers looked new and… people stared at me. I felt my face getting red so I started to walk fast I ran into the crowd were there was an old lady giving out locker numbers.
I banged into so many people. When I looked back I saw a crowd tackling each other, but they all had smiles. I got really scared of the crowd and looked forward to seeing the old lady welcome me. “Welcome, to Land Way High School, Hi”, I replied, “my name is Sierra Woodmantin. Oh yes number 118 is your locker number and Anna will assist you to your locker”, she said. Then looked the side of the old lady and hearing Anna say welcome. She had black hair, was a skinny tan girl with a big but comfortable smile. She opened her mouth to repeat hello, but I said "Hi!" before she could say anything else.
She walked with me down the hall silently and then spoke, “I know how you feel”. I looked up then snitched a smile. I’ll see you at lunch I replied, ok she said and hugged me for a long time and then walked away.
I looked at my schedule. MATH it said, Mrs. Sacorichez class, room 120. I opened my fresh new text books and walked down the hall like unsweetened slow honey, until I got to Mrs. Sacorichez class-120. I saw a teacher with a bright orange hair and a sunny sweet smile, she said a welcoming hello, “how are you…” she paused waiting for me to answer Sierra Woodmentin, I said “ok”, “well then take a seat” and I took my seat.
My thoughts were roaming when I remembered LOVE, but it seemed different and the same. I noticed something about it, something but what? Then I saw it in my mind, it is not the boyfriend-girlfriend love, then I thought EWWWW! Vomit, yuk! I thought what it meant, “friend…” It seemed as if it was a puzzle piece, it fit perfectly, I wondered, is it Anna? I asked myself as I let thoughts try to answer my question. I then raised my hand, “yes” Mrs. Sacorichez said, as her green eyes pointed in my direction. I answered “can I go to the bathroom”? “Yes you can go” she replied. “Thanks” I said as I walked out the doorway. I then ran to the bathroom and as I put my hand on the cold silver handle and tugged a little, I saw orange and yellow tiles peek from the crack of the door. I walked inside and pushed myself to the mirror and saw a pale skin girl with curls that bounced every time. She turned and had freckles upon her face and she was a decent size, but skinny. Her eyes where hypnotizing, they were light blue. Once you look into them you can’t look away. It is me I thought. It is about who I thought the best friend would be. I searched my brain, “ANNA”, my brain read yes of course, I forgot all about Anna.
Then I remembered, ‘class, oh shoot’ and then ran for the classroom. I took my seat and acted like nothing happened. I was looking at the cluttered board of math equations that we had to copy for homework in out math books. When we were done I had to go to the next class. Then two more classes passed by and I actually paid attention in the second class.
We then had to go to lunch and as I walked into the lunch room I spotted Anna alone at a table. I walked up to her and asked Anna why is she so lonely and alone? I don’t know, she replied, with a twisted smile. I thought oh come on! I then sat next to her and said to Anna, let’s go buy lunch and she did with a smile. I walked up to a crowd, which looked like it could never form a perfect line, just like I could never form a perfect heart again, since leaving my friends and moving here. My only friend was Lianna Sonnington. She had a sad heart, yet she kept on going. Her parents were divorce and no one seemed to like her because they though she lied.
Then I though as a crystal tear fell from my eye, I quickly wiped the water trail it made from my face. Then a lady approached me and asked me what I wanted and I said “a bagel with butter”. So I took the bagel and butter and picked up a coffee on the way back.
Then Anna said to me, “will you be my friend forever?” and I looked up from the spreading butter and said “of course”. Then I said to Anna, “why are you lonely?” She took a breath and said that people did not agree with her. She told school people that they needed more learning sites and school supplies. They thought that I was making it harder for them and giving them more stress. “They hated me ever since”, said Anna, “but you have to know there are other people who like you believe me”. “There is friendship for you as long as the stars go on”, I said.

~We live as sisters and friends, happily ever after~