By: Carina

Alex searched through her old chest for her most precious item, for that was the only place to look. “Jeremy, did you touch my binoculars?” Alex screamed to her little brother. “Maybe”, she heard him say so she ran downstairs to see him drooling on them. “Give me those” Alex stammered. She took the binoculars from Jeremy and sprinted outside to meet Carmelina, Jennie, and Chris at their tree house. Once Alex got there, she could hear Chris say, “Where is she?” “Right here” Alex screamed. She saw the three of them look out the window.

“You got em?” Carmelina whispered to Alex. “I found my brother chewing on it this morning” she replied. “Eww” they all said at once. “I got the notepaaaad”, Jennie said as the tree house was collapsing like a boat sinking to the ocean floor. Under her breath Alex said, “I forgot to ask my dad to fix the two legs underneath the tree house.” When the tree house landed on the ground with a thud, the four friends ran outside of the roughly damaged tree house. They spun around to see Alex’s house, but all that was there were woods. “Where’s your house?” Jennie said in a scared voice. “Oh no, I think our tree house landed a long way from home” Alex said nervously. “How are we going to get home?” Alex heard Chris whisper to himself. “We’re going to have to go on…an adventure!” Alex screamed triumphantly at her friends.

“How about we go to that tree?” Carmelina suggested, pointing at an evergreen. Alex and her three friends decided to find their way back home with the props they each had. Alex had her binoculars, Christopher had his map, Jennie had her compass and notepad and Carmelina had her rope. They then picked a tree to settle down by for a few minutes and have a snack. After five minutes of resting they were then on their way.

“I think we’re almost there” cried Chris. “Well, we have to be, look at your map” Jennie piped up. All of a sudden the three friends stopped dead in their tracks and were overjoyed. “There’s your house!” Carmelina screamed out of joy. They all started to run towards Alex’s house, then…”ahhh” they all screamed! There was a bear. It was coming at them, closer, closer, closer...”AHHH” Alex screamed. She looked around and found herself safe in bed at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. When she finally realized she was safe and sound at home in her bed, Alex slowly lie back in bed and fell asleep.