Between week 5 and 6

Type the rest of your story or excerpt. I recommend typing it in a Word or Pages document first and then logging into the wikispaces page.
Go to Our Writing and then click on your name. Click on edit and then copy and paste your writing from the word processessing program into wikispaces.
Pieces published on the wikispaces pages must have CORRECT SPELLING, CORRECT PUNCTUATION, AND GRAMMAR!
I do not have your passwords for wikispaces. If you cannot get in, you need to have wikispaces reset your password. They ask that an email address be provided so they can send a message to you. You can use your epals email account. I do not know that password either (you changed it). If you do not remember it, you must contact me so that I can reset it.

Next week is our LAST meeting. If you would like to create a podcast or flip movie you must have your story typed on wikispaces first. If your story is long you might want to write out a summary that you can read while being videotaped or select an excerpt that you think will make your audience want to read your story. Please be prepared with something in advance. I only have 1 hour and there are a lot of you to film. We have more than one FlipCam to use and you can film each other. Plan on talking for no more than 2 to 4 minutes.
If you have any questions, please contact me via wikispaces mail or

Between week 4 and 5

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. By now you should have a story written that has been revised a few times, keeping in mind the discussions we have had about creating a lead, using suprising imagery, and varying sentence length. During our meeting time this week we will be meeting up with others to get feedback and constructive criticism. Additionally we are logging onto our personal wiki pages to publish our stories (the full story if it is short and only an excerpt if it is really long and/or is only one chapter of a longer story you are planning). We will also be making a flip movie of each of you reading your story/excerpt.

Between week 3 and 4

Select a paragraph that you would like to focus on for Wednesday's class. We will be working on varying sentence length to create interest and using suprising imagery. We will then rework parts of your writing to incorporate those two writing tools.

Between week 2 and 3 (we do not meet next Wednesday or Thursday)

Focus on a piece of the pie. Make sure you narrow in one particular moment or setting. Be descriptive within in that context.
Start thinking about the LEAD (what is going to hook your reader into wanting to read more?) of your story. The next time we meet we will be crafting an effective lead to your story. See writing tools for more specifics.

You might want to type up some of your writing for us to give feedback on- you can post it on your page. I am posting a question on the discussion board and you can post something there for everyone to comment on.

Between week 1 and 2:

Develop a character for your fiction piece.

Who is this person (age, gender, personality, looks)? What is the character's likes and dislikes? Who are the character's friends and family?

Develop the setting

Where does the story take place? What is the timeframe? Will you explicitly say what the setting is or will you make your audience infer the setting based on the details you provide?


What is the action of the story? Problem? Events?

Come prepared with at least the beginnings of a story or an outline of your ideas. We will be using this to further develop your ideas during our next meeting.