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Leaf Land

Have you ever stood still staring out a window for over 5 hours? Well, if your answer is "no" then I wish I was you right now. If your answer is "yes" then unfortunately I am with you there.

Sorry for being so rude and not introducing myself. My name is Harper Lendy. I am 11-years-old. I have a mom, a dad, and a sister who is basically alone her whole life. She comes out of her room only to go to school, but that is it. My dad's name is Rich and he is obsessed with money. He owns a restaurant called the Crusty Hot Hamburger. My mom's name is Kimmi and she has not a care in the world about money because all she ever does is go shopping. My sister's name is Kelsey. I also have the best dog in the world named JoJo. Meanwhile.....

I have now been standing here for almost 3 hours. But I will still be standing here at, I dont know, 3 a.m., if that is what it takes for the rain to stop. That is why I have ben standing here for so long. I want to play outside in that beautiful pile of leaves and run around with JoJo. During these 3 boring hours I have been daydreaming about warm tacos. I don't know why. I know it is very weird to be dreaming about tacos, but I think I am just very hungry.

So I trotted into the kitchen. UMMMMM!!! It smells so good in here! Now I was really craving my favorite chunky peanut-chocolate-chip granola bars. I can prove to you how hungry I was, because I was able to eat 4 of those bars... and still be kinda hungry. It was now midnight and everyone in my house was sleeping-except me! And you could probably guess where I am... you know it... standing by the window.


About five minutes later, I suddenly began to feel really excited on the inside. I have no idea why? Aha!!!!! It's not raining anymore! That's what I was so excited about. So, I rushed to my room and tried to be as quiet as I could. I accidentally woke up Kelsey, and let me tell you, she was mad! She yelled, "be quiet you big fat loser with half a brain." So sweet-isn't she? I opened my closet and pulled out my striped green and blue sweater, my zebra print knee socks, my polka dotted undies, and my pink yankee hat. I was all set to go outside, when I realized that my pants were not on! So, I ran all the way back upstairs,down the hallway, and into my room. I then pulled on my black sweatpants with the peace sign on the front. NOW... I was as ready as could be. I ran out the door making sure that it did not slam behind me and took a running start. SWOOSH. I was in the leaves. But then nothing... was ever...the same.

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