Amanda's Page The Ice Cream Gang

In New York City, a.k.a my home town, I, Marnie Laveen, survive in the city with my mom, Jennifer, my dad, Aaron, my little sister, Ella, my little btother, Mason, and my toy dachshund, Rufus.Now I guess you think that the city is always packed and there is always traffic no matter wher you go...well your right! But my mom told me that there were times where the city wasn’t packed and there wasn’t traffic. But me, I find that hard to believe because I probably haven’t been around long enough to acctually see that. It is possible but I’m only 13, I don’t have the right to disagree.
So anyway, back to me. I like to hang out with my friends a lot and we usually just go to places around the city. But we noticed something. We never see any ice cream carts or ice cream trucks. I have to admit that I don’t like that one bit! Do you see pretzel carts, yes